SEO Basics

The process of getting organic traffic through natural search results on search engines is usually a technical task that many companies struggle with and yet many of them strive actively to achieve the best and most effective SEO marketing strategy. Unfortunately, very few succeed. Our system, Frogleapseo, wishes to address these problems that marketers face by finding the right SEO campaign that is customized to one’s company’s personal taste.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing tool that manages the quality and quantity of the traffic going to one’s website. The idea is to understand how utilizing the right SEO techniques can equate to a successful strategy that benefits the company and this is done by focusing on the Quantity of Traffic, Organic Results and Quality of Traffic

Frogleapseo aims at finding and perfecting a company’s SEO strategy by assessing their products and services; researching the company’s strengths and weaknesses; collecting this valuable data, and formulating it into a ‘tailor-made’ strategy catered for that company only.

The Need For Keywords

Keyword Optimization is one of the pivotal factors for On Page SEO because the one thing that a company does not wish to lose focus on is what their audience it typing or searching for. Using long-tailed keywords, for example, could be a better search pattern tool that copes with today’s internet traffic users.

Off Page SEO refers to the page ranking schematics that occur off one’s website. For example, SEO tools used for this include most common promotional methods like social media. Social posts are often a popular way of generating more clicks and to help boost traffic to the website. For example, content shared on Google + is immediately identified, structured, and circulated accordingly. Another SEO tool is backlinks and this looks at how other websites can link one’s content through different domains in order to boost their ranking. Such ways can be done through guest blogging or by acquiring contacts with others in the field.

Frogleapseo is a system that wants to help companies reach their ultimate marketing goals that would be otherwise too difficult to aspire on their own. It is more than just creating a new SEO strategy or studying competitors, but about attending to the client’s unique concerns, re-evaluate their stance in the market and see how they can rise over the competition.