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At Frogleapseo we are devoted to creating a memorable and pleasant experience for users. We build custom website designs with your audience in mind. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our process and won’t move to the next step until we meet your expectations. Each design is a unique solution with your business in mind. We are incredibly transparent with our process and strive for excellence on every project.

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Every custom web development project is given unique and specialized care and attention to really understand your business. Our developers work alongside our creative team to design a website that holds the highest level of user experience and accuracies.

the frogleapseo design & development process:

discovery > design > development > testing > launch

Our team always starts each project with a sound understanding of your company’s goals.

Discovery: Our team always starts each project establishing a sound understanding of your company’s goals and what you want to achieve in redesigning your website. To begin our process our experienced team takes some time to learn more about you and where you see your brand. We want to know what your goals are, current problems, target audience and we even go as far as color, mood, theme, and images you are inspired by for your new site’s look. We have a kick off meeting to ask questions and get a feel for what your needs are.  With this mind mapping meeting, we try to get a real sense of who the company is and how we can help.  After the meeting, our team gets to work create a creative brief, site map and establish a timeline to keep the project on track.

Design:  After collecting the information and creating the site map the planning stage begins. Here we focus on the user experience in this step, creating a wireframe, planning how each element of the site will work seamlessly. We develop where button location and what the framework of the website will look like.

Development: This is where we get this party started! In the development stage, we begin bringing these ideas to life. Along with the design and esthetic aspects of the site our team of design experts also know that in order to have a successful site you need to build in a few simple SEO elements so we also make sure your site is SEO friendly and ready to optimize.

Testing: After all the elements of the site have been implemented our team will do a thorough comb through to make sure every aspect of the site is running to your expectations. We will spend days testing the site on different devices to make sure it runs perfectly. Before pushing the site live we want to make sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Launch: We’ve made it! The final step of this process is to make the site live! Congratulations! After making sure everything meets our critical expectation as well as yours, we will do one last look over and set your brand new site free.  But this is definitely not the last time you will hear from our team. We are very much invested in our client’s success and want to make sure everything is running smoothly even after your process is complete. After your site is running smoothly for a couple months we will ask to have a post-launch meeting to make sure it continues to meet your expectations as well as ask questions about how the process worked for you and if there were things you would change in our journey with Digital Hyve.  What sets us apart from our competition is we strive for excellence and want to stay flexible to meet every client’s needs.


Now that you’ve learned about our process, we’ll let our want to see what Frogleapseo can do?  Take a look at some before & afters of sites we’ve collaborated on with other companies around the UK and beyond.  We serve a variety of clients in many different industries and areas and think our teams understanding of the personalities shines through in the designs we create because the process is different each time each site is like a snowflake – no two are quite alike.

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