Infographic: Regular Blogging Vs. Guest Blogging

Today’s bloggers are all inhabitants of a crowded internet that has every imaginable niche filled by countless sources of information and opinions, leaving many bloggers out in the cold when it comes to locating and holding onto loyal readers. Even with fresh, enjoyable content published on a daily basis, a blog out of sight is a blog out of mind.

Exposure is the key to gaining an audience and you can’t always rely on Google and friends to send targeted traffic your way. Being proactive is easier than you may think and blogging as a guest on a competitor’s site is shaping up as a popular way to get your talents out there for the world to see.

Not sold by the infographic alone? Let’s have a quick look at the differences between regular blogging and guest blogging:

Regular Blogging

While so-called regular blogging is enough for many denizens of the blogosphere, it can often feel as if your audience is becoming stagnant. Even if you’re not limited to an audience as small as your friends, family and pets, it can often be frustrating when you publish what you know is high quality content while relying on Google to bring you visitors. Slow but steady growth is definitely better than no growth at all, but, if you’re looking for a targeted traffic boost…

Guest Blogging

A popular means of gaining content exposure in recent years is guest blogging, meaning to publish content that you create on the blog of a competitor in order to temporarily make his readers your own, getting both your skills and your blog’s name out into the wild. With benefits to be seen not only in immediate traffic but also in social platform exposure and SEO, guest blogging is a simple, proven method for giving your blog a boost.

Infographic is courtesy of MyBlogGuest: What is Guest Blogging