5 Qualities You Need in Hiring the Right SEO Manager

Hiring the right SEO manager for your business could mean the difference between search result success and zero visibility.

Because of this, it’s imperative that every business in need of a search engine professional takes the necessary measures to find the perfect fit. This means not only asking the proper questions and listening for the best responses, but also recognizing the right qualities in a potential candidate.

So, with employee optimization in mind, here are 5 qualities your business should look for when hiring an SEO manager:

1. Experience and Understanding

This may seem like two separate qualities, but without one, the other doesn’t exist. That said, just because a candidate has SEO experience doesn’t mean they have an innate understanding of the way search engine optimization works.

In your search for the perfect SEO manager, look for someone with a background that lends itself to an understanding of how search engine results work. This means knowing all SEO possibilities and limitations concerning your business’s online livelihood based on experience and knowledge.

SEO managers can’t really consider themselves professionals until they have control over the fundamentals of what makes search engine optimization work like site structure, HTML tags, and link building. Find someone with professionalism in the form of experience and understanding, and you’ll be in good hands.

2. Communication

An SEO manager should never leave clients in the dark about something as important to business as a successful online presence.

Just like any other employee, SEO managers must stay in constant contact with the IT staff, webmasters, copywriters, and graphic designers.

So, when it comes time to hire an SEO professional, one of the most important qualities to look for is solid communication skills.  A good communicator will keep you up-to-date on everything SEO related by keeping an open line of communication.

Likewise, part of an SEO manager’s job criteria is finding potential prospects for the purpose of article linking. If a manager lacks in the communication department, they’ll have a difficult time forming relationships and building trust with outside clients.

3. Passion

Putting a company at the top of search engine results takes more than just time, skill, and effort – it also takes passion. So, when searching for the perfect SEO manager, never overlook passion and a willingness to succeed.

Passion isn’t always something that’s obvious in a candidate, but there are some signs to look for in passionate individuals. If the candidate is continually refining their SEO skills, thinks about creative and diverse ways to tackle SEO problems, and doesn’t stop until the job is done, then that’s a great start.

Of course, the proof is in the online pudding, so go with your gut during the hiring process, but give them a trial period to prove their passion and skills. If the SEO manager you choose is truly excited about their line of work, it’ll show immediately.

4. Marketing Knowhow

A great SEO manager sometimes wears two hats: that of a search engine professional and that of a marketer. After all, at the heart of all SEO is content that has to relate to viewers. In other words, SEO managers are selling your business, but instead of monetary compensation, they’re trying to achieve search engine rankings.

So, when searching for the right SEO manager for your business, it’s important the candidate has an understanding of the way in which online content marketing works.

Quality content that engages and benefits the viewer is a marketing building block that’s part of the SEO foundation.

5. Leadership

Depending on the size of your business and the amount of work involved, more often than not your SEO manager is going to have to manage a team of search engine optimizers. Because of this, leadership skills are another quality you need to look for in a potential candidate.

Whether it’s delegating tasks, managing multiple time schedules, or prioritizing workloads, leadership is all part of SEO managing. So, look for someone who can recognize strengths as well as weaknesses in others and delegate accordingly. Besides, a team is only as strong as the captain.

By looking for the qualities described above, you can rest assured that your new SEO manager is the perfect fit for your business and its online livelihood